10 September 2016

Response: “Why are ghettos mostly populated by blacks?”

I’ll start by saying that not all ghettos are populated by blacks. The word ghetto itself comes from an Italian term for the area of the town to which Jews are restricted. In the United States, the term ghetto has come to mean an urban or suburban area that is poor (“low-income”) and racially homogeneous.

It is true that historically, before the large-scale arrival of other racial groups, American ghettos were populated by blacks. The main reason for this is the Great Migration of African Americans away from the South, along with racist housing policies and possibly some self-segregation.

Before 1910, 90% of America’s black population lived in the South, where blacks had been enslaved, and remained for social and economic reasons. Starting in the 1910s and especially in the 1930s, Southern blacks began moving in large numbers to Northern industrial cities. They wanted to escape racism and violence, and saw opportunity in growing Northern industry.

By 1970, only 50% of black Americans lived in the South. The rest had primary moved to inner-city industrial areas in big cities like Chicago, New York and Detroit. The North certainly afforded blacks more opportunities than the South, but racism was still pervasive. White Americans for the most part did not want black neighbors. Racist housing and renting policies meant that blacks were only able to rent or buy housing in certain parts of town, typically the dirty industrial areas. In addition, when numerous blacks moved into white neighborhoods, whites would quickly relocate out of fear of a potential rise in property crime, rape, drugs and violence that was attributed to neighborhoods with large black populations. This resulted in most Northern cities having a black “ghetto” in the traditional sense – a part of town to which blacks were restricted.

In the 1970s and the years that followed, Northern industry began to decline. White industrial workers generally had no problem moving out to the suburbs, or taking out a loan to start a business. Over time, most of the traditional white ghettos managed to fade away. The black ghettos, however, remained—it was harder for blacks to get loans and hew housing. In addition to outright racism, white suburbs were not accommodating to black culture. Poor urban blacks were stuck and often had to resort to extralegal means of making money—often with drugs—perpetuating the negative stereotypes that blocked them from escaping poverty.

After several decades, things are slowly beginning to change. It’s still true that the poorest parts of American cities are often inhabited by blacks. However, the term “ghetto” has been appropriated into a totally new cultural phenomenon, representing urban black culture. People of all races and incomes are often seen emulating ghetto culture. For many black Americans it is a rare source of pride. This leads to a complicated situation—African American communities are eager to rise out of poverty, but reluctant to get rid of ghetto culture, which is central to the identity of many blacks.

What about non-black ghettos?

It’s a bit of a different story. It’s easy to broadly blame it all on racism, but the real story is much more nuanced. Most Asians and Hispanics, unlike blacks, are recently immigrated. Asians and Hispanics did face racial discrimination in housing, which is how “Chinatowns” first appeared. However, most Asian and Hispanic immigrants arrived in the United States after such overt racism had largely subsided.

In the case of Hispanic or Latin ghettos, they are actually a legacy of the white-black racist struggle. Affordable housing left behind by whites who fled the decline of industry was taken up by Hispanic immigrants. Blacks who did manage to move out to the suburbs also left behind affordable urban housing, which mostly Hispanics took up. Subsequent generations of Hispanic immigrants often settled in these newly-Hispanic ghettos, reinforcing the racial divide. They did this for several reasons: affordable housing, family or friends, and the Spanish-English language barrier.

Asian ghettos in the US are now rare, mostly found on the West Coast. Usually these areas are inhabited by Filipinos, Vietnamese, and people from other lower-income East Asian countries. This is because other Asian nationalities either came to the US with advanced skills (e.g. Koreans, Indians), or had gradually integrated and shifted out of ghettos over the generations (many Chinese, Japanese). These Asian ghettos exist largely for the same reason as the Hispanic ones—self-segregation for family or linguistic reasons, as well as economic affordability of housing.

Outright racism is much less of a factor for these groups than it was for blacks, since their arrival came mostly after the 1970s. Hispanic and Asian Americans are more economically successful and less racially segregated than African Americans.

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Hispanics are not immigrants. We have always been here and are Indigenous that have been separated by a evil wall after having our land stolen by European invaders who have been fighting one another for power, greed and slaves which were not only blacks but also us but these people do not talk about that truth. Stop calling us Hispanics (even Latinos) trying to assimilate us with everybody else that isn’t Indigenous. Trying to destroy us that we are Indigenous. Asians came here by choice and also being tricked to come here. What is now called the USA were once… Read more »

You are not indigenous. Not even close. First, Hispanics or Latinos are various mixtures of Spanish (European), Indian (who came to the Americas from Asia) and blacks (who were brought to the Americas during the slave trade). “Hispanics” can barely even claim status as an individual race; you are simply a new collection of mongrels.


You stole the land from the Natives, gave them diseases that wiped out most of their populations from Central America and then forced the ones who didn’t want to be catholic into slavery….. Hypocrisy at its finest


Me? I didn’t jack to Native Americans (who aren’t native to the Americas but came here from Asia).


Your comment is a joke, right? Hispsnic, from Spain…ir European.

Smedley Butler Jr

No, you’re not indigenous. Only Black Africans are indigenous because they evolved there from apes.

Dennis Flynn III
Umm you realize Spanish is a EUROPEAN language? Hispanic means a mixture of European (Spanish or in cases like Brazil, Portuguese) and indigenous pre-columbian peoples. So unless you are 100% Aztec or Maya and speak the tribal Languages, then you yourself are the descendants of the “evil” Europeans you speak of. Spanish isn’t native, its the language of the conquistadors who conquered Central and South America. Hispanic Mexicans are not indigenous. Only the pure descendants of Maya, Olmec and Aztec, Zapotecs are. By the way, I am 100% Gaelic Irish. My peoples land was conquered, subjugated and raped by the… Read more »

Ouch! Ireland was mostly subjugated in the 13th Century by Normans based in England, which they had invaded 200 years earlier. Normans had settled in Normandy 300 years prior to that having come from Scandinavia.
The (current) British Isles were populated and depopulated multiple times during the recent ice ages across a land bridge connecting them to continental Europe, these peoples also spread to what is now Ireland,
We are all Africans, squabbling over which family beat up others centuries ago is ridiculous.

But my paternal grandfather was a Scot and I was raised in Wales so I have chips on both shoulders.


Are we all Africans? The out-of-Africa theory of evolution is being challenged more and more as new fossils are discovered, like the oldest pre-human fossils dating back over 7 million years that were found in Greece and Bulgaria just a few years ago. Two Russian geneticists came out with a paper a few years back in which they posit that blacks and whites had a common ancestor and split off around 180,000 years ago. The science is far from settled, although politically correct academia would have you think otherwise.


Very good. Cut the rage and let’s get onto resolving current social interfaces.


Louisiana Purchase.

ryan billingsley

Why is it considered racist to fear predominantly black neighborhoods where statistically in most metro cities, thats where most of the crimes are? It is not racist to want to raise your family in a striving safe neighborhood and homogenous black and hispanic neighborhoods are statistically unsafe.


IMO experience living in Southern Arizona, most Mexicans are some of the hardest working people in the world. It’s like any other people, there is always a segment of lazy filthy living people, and believe it or not many whites are lazy and live in filth.

I don’t really understand why they see everything as “racist”. As someone who lives in Chicago, (farther away from the South side) I get a bit of a different perspective, along with me being white. Usually it’s almost feared to go to the South, since its crime rates are so high, and clear judgement. I try not to stereotype African American people or any person of color in general, but it’s a bit hard when we get outcomes like this. I’m honestly getting really sick and tired of getting called a racist just because of topics like this, when I… Read more »
Why are the vast majority of ghettos black? Low IQ and an increased penchant for violence are features that define blacks whether in the U.S., London (where they commit the majority of crime although being a minority there) or the Motherland. In the U.S. the majority of blacks don’t even bother to learn how to speak and write the English language with a modicum of proficiency and even consider it a badge of pride to speak broken English. Blacks need to learn how to speak English correctly before crying that they are oppressed. Wherever there is a black majority neighborhood,… Read more »
Tupac Shakur
Another dumb ass white m’fvcker who’s gonna poke finger about what Black should do and they should not. White people, like you are, are far inclined from common sense, it’s no surprise ignorance serves as a penchant for your drooling skull. Crime in black community is all interwoven in the system, that’s how white people wanted it to be, deny them basic access to loan, ostracize them from the larger community, deny them jobs and healthcare & eventually have them sell drugs and deviously throw a deformative portrait of “Black being equivalent to violence”. It is apparent, you haven’t studied… Read more »