14 September 2016

What does my Cyrillic handwriting look like?

The image below says: “The little bears deprived the chinchillas of a lily, and the chinchillas deprived the little bears of a pinecone.”

Hehe, sorry, couldn’t pass up the chance. Here’s a more normal looking writing sample:

I imagined there would be a lot of beautiful penmanship in the thread so I feel like contributing something a little more average. My writing’s not the prettiest, but it works. It’s like 80% cursive, 20% print. I don’t do much Russian writing by hand these days, mostly just jotting small notes if anything, so it’s really declined in the last few years. So here you go—U.S. heritage speaker Russian handwriting!

Edit: I find it interesting that Serbian actually has handwritten print, like English. Russian, generally, does not—pretty much everyone writes in cursive or semicursive.

Answer via Quora.

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So, are you Russian?