3 March 2017

How far is Hawaii from the nearest landmass?

Originally I had said that the closest point on the North American mainland to Hawaii was near Flumeville, California. However, I was wrong! As it turns out, the southernmost tip of the Alaska Peninsula is actually about 12 miles (20 km) closer.

Located near the town of False Pass, the tip of an unnamed peninsula overlooking Ikatan Bay is exactly 2,259.28 miles (3,636.44 kilometers) from a part of Tunnels Beach on the island of Kauai. This is shorter than the path that I had previously mentioned, which starts at a rocky outcropping in Coastal California National Monument and ends right at the village of Hakalau, Hawaii on the Big Island. Take a look for yourselves:

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Robert Schmieder

Johnson Atoll is 935 miles, to the West from Honolulu


But isn’t that atoll a part of the Hawai’ian-Emperor Chain?

Me hi

I don’t believe an atoll is a true landmass and I’m sure the answer people look for is an actual city in an actual continent

James Unger

I used to live in Honolulu. For a brief time, there was a direct flight from Honolulu to Copenhagen over the pole (Air West, if I recall correctly). I was sorely tempted to travel to Europe just to have an excuse for taking that flight roundtrip, but the opportunity (or funding) never materialized.