Monthly Archives: February 2019

Population of Antarctica

Antarctica—0.00008 people per sq. km! McMurdo is by far the largest community on Antarctica with 1200 people in the summer and 250 in the winter. It’s located at the southernmost ice pack-free point on the continent. King George Island is home to a dozen smaller stations whose populations add up. In many cases the stations […]

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Low-effort maps Feb 2019

The following are some low-effort maps I made in February 2019 that did not involve any number crunching or many hours of design work. I still think they are aesthetically good or interesting, so I sharing them here, all in one post.Turns out countries can function even with no constitution! One consequence of this is […]

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Renamed cities in Southern Africa

(copied from Twitter) After reading about Blantyre, Malawi I got curious about other places that were renamed. Areas with significant English or Afrikaans presence avoided renaming.Shoutout to newly christened Eswatini. Also sorry for not including Madagascar, I got lazy.

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