Sasha Trubetskoy

Vancouver movies

This guy explains it best: Vancouver never plays itself in movies. So who does Vancouver play? Mostly Seattle, apparently. But also Honduras, Las Vegas, Albany and Siberia, among other places. I took the data from Movie Maps, which has a fairly comprehensive list of every scene filmed in Vancouver. I have a series of YouTube […]

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The definitive GDP map

I got tired of seeing these horrible maps: So I decided to combine them all into one to make the Definitive Arbitrarily-Classified GDP Map. Here are the bounds: Benchmark GDP (USD) Source California 2.60E+12 US student debt 1.44E+12 Apple Inc market cap 8.15E+11 Google finance US military budget 5.22E+11 Apple cash reserves […]

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Will Moscow ever stop growing?

Русская версия карты Even as Russia struggles to grow its population, Moscow’s incredible growth seems unstoppable. Excluding St. Petersburg, Russia’s next 15 largest cities combined could comfortably fit inside Moscow and its suburbs. In a recent map, I looked at the growth and decline of post-Soviet cities. Across the entire post-Soviet space, there is one overwhelming winner – […]

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Biggest Soviet cities

Русские версии первой и второй карты. When I was looking for the Soviet Union’s largest cities, I couldn’t find any good list, let alone a map. Strange, I thought, considering that Russian Wikipedia seems to have incredibly detailed records of every Soviet city’s population. And yet, nobody had collected them in one place. I managed to […]

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Racial minorities use Citi Bike less

I wrote this report for a class, and hadn’t really put it online before, but I feel like it’s pretty interesting nonetheless. I just quickly pasted the text and charts in. For those not interested in reading the full report, here is an excerpt from the conclusion that shows the main takeaway: Interestingly, income was not […]

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