My latest mapping projects.

Mashup maps (reflections)

I was originally inspired by this map from Business Insider Australia, which shows how similar Brazil and Australia are in shape and size. My first thought was, “Wow! The curves and coastlines m…

18 December 2018


Roman Roads of Iberia

If you think this would make a cool poster, you can get a high-res, print-worthy PDF for $9!       This map was a blast to make. I chose to follow the Antonine Itinerary more strictly, which mea…

21 November 2018


Russia’s murder rate: a quiet miracle

Murder rates across Russia have fallen in all regions, to levels not seen since the Soviet glory days of the 1960s.[1]“Widespread robbery of the population, contract killings, taking hostages, o…

3 September 2018


Roman Roads of Italy

If you think this would make a cool poster, you can get a high-res, print-worthy PDF for $9!    Versione italiana — Italian versionIt’s taken me almost a year to get around to doing this, bu…

27 May 2018


Four possible outcomes in Korea

Written by Tim KoayThe Panmunjom Declaration is an exciting step towards peace on the Korean peninsula—a goal many have worked hard towards across many decades. We have forecasted four scenarios of …

6 May 2018


Life expectancy in Russia

Click the images to get PNG versions. National overviewAs of 2017, life expectancy at birth in Russia is 72.5 years.This is quite an improvement over the mid 1990s, when life expectancy had fallen int…

27 March 2018


Printable United States map

This is a general-purpose map of the United States, designed from the bottom up to be printable by everyone, and to look great on the humble 8.5 x 11 paper.When making maps, or just looking at data, I…

4 March 2018


What if China falls apart?

I am not an expert on China or its government. I am just a casual observer with some knowledge of what happened in the USSR, and I saw some parallels that I wanted to explore, just as a thought experi…

27 February 2018


France has shrunk

This is a map I made for Catholic GIS, a great organization that I worked for a couple years back. My content was never published, so I’m sharing it now here.Earlier I saw Émile Cheysson’s gr…

5 February 2018


List of Western countries

There is no single definition of what the West is, so the list of countries changes depending on context. The different contexts are outlined in this Wikipedia article. Since people are now visiting t…

7 December 2017


Vancouver movies

This guy explains it best: Vancouver never plays itself in movies. So who does Vancouver play?Mostly Seattle, apparently. But also Honduras, Las Vegas, Albany and Siberia, among other places. I took t…

7 September 2017


The definitive GDP map

I got tired of seeing these horrible maps:So I decided to combine them all into one to make the Definitive Arbitrarily-Classified GDP Map.Here are the bounds: Benchmark GDP (USD) Source California 2.6…

3 September 2017


Roman Roads of Britain

If you think this would make a cool poster, you can get a high-res, print-worthy PDF for $9!    Click to enlarge.[/caption]Here it is, by popular request. This was far more complicated than I had in…

23 July 2017


Roman Roads

If you think this would make a cool poster, you can get a high-res, print-worthy PDF for $9!     It’s finally done. A subway-style diagram of the major Roman roads, based on the Empire of ca. …

3 June 2017


Will Moscow ever stop growing?

Русская версия картыEven as Russia struggles to grow its population, Moscow’s incredible growth seems unstoppable. Excluding St. Petersburg, Russia’s next 15 largest cit…

28 May 2017


Development in Russia

Версия на русском. Colorblind-friendly version.I got a hold of human development data for each Russian federal subject, contained in a report (short version here) by Russia’s Nati…

23 April 2017


Biggest Soviet cities

Русские версии первой и второй карты.When I was looking for the Soviet Union’s largest cities, I couldn’t find any good list, let alone a map. Strange, I th…

21 April 2017


How far is Hawaii from the nearest landmass?

Originally I had said that the closest point on the North American mainland to Hawaii was near Flumeville, California. However, I was wrong! As it turns out, the southernmost tip of the Alaska Peninsu…

3 March 2017


Fun with city subreddits

I’ve been playing with python to try to learn how to make maps using Matplotlib. As it turns out, it’s not all that complicated. Using Reddit’s API I scraped the top 300 posts from t…

6 February 2017


Mexico’s urban pileups

If you think this would make a cool poster, you can get a high-res, print-worthy PDF for $9!     The US-Mexico border is the most frequently crossed, and one of the longest, in the world. The diffe…

14 December 2016


Standalone US Cities

Recently I had a random thought: why is it that some city articles on Wikipedia are called, for example, Nashville, Tennessee – while others are simply, Seattle or Dallas? Is Nashville simply not c…

12 November 2016


How big is the Arctic Circle?

The Map Porn subreddit has a requests page now, which is pretty awesome. User Mjager asked what the Arctic Circle would look like projected near the equator, to get a sense of scale. I decided to just…

10 October 2016


Valuable Squares revisited

Here is a version with labels.Previously I published a map that divided the world into around 18,000 squares, and highlighted which squares had a GDP of $100 billion or more. I decided to revisit this…

9 October 2016


The Unscientific Bay Area

If you think this would make a cool poster, you can get a high-res, print-worthy PDF for $9!     Originally this was supposed to be the start of a line of posters, but it failed to gain traction, de…

23 August 2016


Catholic Provinces: Redux

Originally I didn’t think much of this project, though it was nice to see how the provinces looked. It turned out, however, that my map was the only one out there, in terms of mapping out the church…

29 May 2016


US supermarket turf

This is my final project for the Intermediate GIS class that I just finished. I’m just gonna dump everything into this post. If you don’t wanna read the whole thing, here are all the maps:

14 March 2016


Long Island according to Urban Dictionary

Here’s a full-res version.This one’s pretty straightforward. Like the Washington State map, this was made at a friend’s request. This time I decided to make it a little more empirically sound by…

31 January 2016


Map of Washington State stereotypes

This map is the result of a humorous request by a friend from the suburbs of Seattle. As someone from the other Washington (DC), I knew little about the internal stereotypes of Washington State, so t…

29 January 2016


Correlations in Ukraine

The electoral division in Ukraine is very well-publicized, with countless maps all over Western media cropping up, showing the diagonal line that splits the country roughly north-south.As someone with…

2 May 2015


Europe Voting

This map shows how voting divides in individual European countries cross national boundaries and have some interesting correlations.The map speaks for itself—each color on the map is the color of th…

1 January 2015


Proposed Australian states

  There have been many proposals for states and territories to be added to Australia, many of which were brought up during the era of Australian imperialism. The late 1800s saw many Australian po…

3 November 2014



This map shows European languages grouped by the etymology of their word for the platypus. This particular map shows several trends. The United Kingdom was the first European nation to discover the …

30 April 2014


America’s GDP Split

The map shows a 50-50 split of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United States. The GDP of the cyan area is equal to the GDP of the orange area. This would equate to $8.10 trillion for each col…

20 February 2014


Snow Days

The lightest green says “any snow” but also includes merely the prediction of snow. Also, this is snow accumulation over 24 hours/overnight. In much of the Midwest and Great Plains, school closi…

29 January 2014