Sasha Trubetskoy

Cartographer, designer, artist

I grew up in Northern Virginia. I just graduated from the University of Chicago with a B.S. in statistics, and am looking for full-time work.

As a geography and data nerd, I make maps in my free time, inspired by the world around me – whatever happens to be on my mind. Every now and then a map of mine becomes popular and gets publicity; those interested can see my work or get in touch through this website.

I’ve also written a few Quora answers, some of them quite in-depth. I made this site to consolidate my maps, answers, and other creative output.

Got work?

I finished college in June 2019 and hope to keep working at the intersection of geography and data. I am especially interested in transportation networks. I’d love to hear about any relevant opportunities! Here is my resume.

How to reach me:

Published work
  • “Assessing the Value of Market Access from Belt and Road Projects (English)” (2019) co-authored with Tristan Reed, World Bank Working Papers.  Link to paper.  Replication code on GitHub.
  • “O Voto do Brasileiro”, (2018) prod. maps, book written by Alberto Carlos Almeida.
  • “Ciudades Fronterizas EUA-México” [US-Mexico Border Cities] (2018), Revista de la Universidad de México No. 838/839.
  • “Roman Roads of Britain” (2017), British Archaeology No. 156.
  • “Viae Romanae Maiores” [Major Roman Roads] (2017), under “Tous les chemins partent de Rome”, Courrier International No. 1393.
  • “The Urban Pileup Effect of NAFTA” (2017), Texas Monthly 45(5). Link to map and article.
  • “America’s GDP, Split” (2015), The Best American Infographics 2015, ed. Gareth Cook.
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